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Landmark Designation

Landmark MapThe Historic Station and a defined area encompassing the proposed plaza and new wing buildings [see map] were designated as a Denver Landmark in 2004.  This designation provides design and demolition review authority through the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission.  The Historic Station was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

 As a designated Denver Landmark, all exterior alterations within the designated landmark area will be subject to design and demolition review by the Landmark Preservation Commission.  This includes all exterior restoration or alteration of the Historic Station itself, any addition to the Historic Station, and any new construction within the Landmark Area.

The Landmark Preservation Commission bases its review decisions on “Design Guidelines for Landmark Structures and Districts” (Landmark Preservation Commission, 1995) and guidelines specific to the Denver Union Station property.


The Denver Union Station site was zoned T-MU-30 with waivers and conditions in 2004.  The T-MU-30 zoning is intended for station areas with enough land to create a successful transit-oriented development, such as the one envisioned for Denver Union Station.

T-MU-30 zoning permits a wide range of residential, commercial and civic uses appropriate to areas adjacent to rail transit stations.  A number of uses are designated as special review because of particular design considerations or potential off-site impacts.  Special review uses can be approved as part of the General Development Plan or as part fo the use permit process.

This zoning district allows a floor-area-ratio (FAR) of 5:1 (or five times the amount of development area to land area).  The mixed-use nature of T-MU-30 provides critical flexibility for long-term redevelopment and changing real-estate markets.  The waivers and conditions were included to assure that redevelopment meets the goals of the Denver Union Station Master Plan.

Zoning application:

Section I: Application for Zoning Map Amendment

Section II: Legal Description

Section III: Proposed Waivers, Conditions and Uses

Section IV: Zoning Vicinity Map and Existing Conditions Map

The zoning application was approved by Denver City Council on October 4, 2004.



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