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The Denver Union Station Redevelopment combines public transit expansion, as part of RTD’s voter approved FasTracks program, with private development to create a new multimodal transportation district and focal point of activity for the region.

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Commuter Rail Train Hall

On the west side of the Historic Station, the Train Hall will include eight at-grade tracks to accommodate passenger rail service, including RTD’s Northwest, East, North Metro and Gold commuter rail lines, as well as existing Amtrak and Ski Train services.  Designed to handle as many as 10,000 people an hour, the Train Hall honors the historic station while providing a dramatic new gateway to the Mile High City.

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Regional Bus Facility

An expanded Regional Bus Facility replacing Market Street Station will be located below grade under the 17th Street right of way between the light rail platforms and the Historic Station.  The bus facility will include 22 bays; 16 for RTD regional and express buses, four for the Downtown Circulator, and two available for other commercial carriers or new services.

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Light Rail (LRT) Station/Platforms

LRT platforms will be relocated adjacent to the Consolidated Main Line (CML) to accommodate West, Southeast and Southwest light rail service.  The project also will provide space for tail tracks north of the platforms to store additional trains.  A plaza between LRT and Chestnut Place will include a signature canopy to provide shade and
weather protection.

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16th Street Mall Shuttle

The free 16th Street Mall Shuttle will be extended to a location adjacent to the new light rail platforms at the CML, connecting Civic Center to the Platte River.  The Shuttle will provide easy connections between LRT, passenger rail and the Historic Station.

Downtown Circulator

Building on the success of the 16th Street Mall Shuttle, the Downtown Circulator will connect Denver Union Station to the employment centers in mid-downtown and continue to Civic Center on 18th/19th Streets and Lincoln/Broadway.  The Circulator will provide service to passenger rail, regional bus and light rail riders via the underground Regional Bus Facility.

Historic Station

The Historic Station will continue to have a prominent role in the new multimodal transit district.  The Train Room will be rehabilitated to its historic prominence as a transportation gateway to Denver, connecting the east and west sides of the site.

Public Spaces

The redevelopment includes several new significant public spaces, including the Wynkoop Plaza, the 17th Street Promenade/Gardens, the Wewatta Pavilion and the Light Rail Plaza.  The public spaces will create a series of interconnected places that will tie the site together, allowing visitors to move from one destination to another.

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